Online Dating: is it important to have the same musical interests?

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I always listen to music from various instrumental, cultures and lyrics. But, I just wonder how the music taste matters to a relationship. Personally, to me, it matters a lot. We may not like the same music but different music adds value to our personality in a relationship. However, loving the same kind of a music makes many things to look easier in life. It ensures satisfaction on something important like sexual compatibility. In fact, there is even a dating application called Happn where people like you in a relationship can share music interests. Thank Almighty for that!

Here are important reasons that show why it is important to have the same musical interests.

Good music makes better memories

I may not know much about you, but certain music genres can summon and remind you of better memories. …

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Welcome to Audiophile Forums! Soon we’ll be setting up a massive forum for audiophiles of all kinds: headphones, speaker, record producers and more. Oh, and thanks so much to for supplying us with the promo code we needed to get the domain registration and hosting to fit within our budget.

Please be patient while we set up the website.

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What’s an Audiophile?

Are You An Audiophile?

Audiophile is a new term being thrown around on the internet lately. Unfortunately, it’s one of those words where the exact definition is not clear. Does it mean you’re a sound engineer? a headphones enthusiast?

For our purposes on this website, an audiophile is any one who is interested in sound fidelity.

  • Just want a good pair of headphones, visit our forums for advice on which ones fit your musical tastes.
  • If you want to talk about your experiences with different sound systems, you will find help here.
  • If you want to meet others with the same passions as you, you are welcome here.

Think of our website as a better, smarter version of Head-Fi. That’s right, I said it. …

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